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We help to ensure that operation wide, your employees, suppliers, artists and guests are safe. Keeping risk exposure to a minimum at the many stages of your operation, from initial build to the final break down.

Safety services

Working safely without any risk of harm is a priority at QSS. We will help you safeguard the effective management and monitoring of site operations to ensure health and safety risks are controlled.

We understand the need for accurate and precise co-ordination of all operational activities, small and large; and can provide a safe overall phased programme of work. What’s more, we’re able to manage the whole event or support your team in specific areas – you decide.

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Fairground Fire Artist
Professional safety advisors
We can assist in assessing, designing, planning and implementing overall safety. We can review the protective and the preventative measures required to minimise operational and occupational risk.
Risk Assessments and Auditing
Safety Plans
We can provide a practical plan that can help you ensure that everyone stays safe, showing we have helped consider all the potential risks, but more importantly, how we plan to minimise or remove them.
Risk Assessment on Film Sets
Risk Assessments
The QSS Group have been offering practical risk consultancy support since 1995. We can support you in assessing the safety risk by recognising and controlling hazards, reducing the likelihood of incidents and saving costs.
Safe and Fun Festivals
Method Statements
We can work together to produce a straightforward, comprehensive way forward which is easily understood, giving a clear step by step guide on how to keep everyone safe and free from risk.
Safety Reports
Safety Recommendations and Reports
Health and Safety can be difficult to get right and it can seem overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be. We are here to put your mind at rest and help you achieve a safer environment so you can deliver on your promises.

"No movie is worth dying for."

Stephen Spielberg

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